Parkell Digitest 3 Digital Pulp Vitality Tester with 4 Probes 1pc Digitest 3 Pulp Tester ,4pcs Autoclavable Probe Tips; 1pc standard long (D625), 1pc

Brand Name

: Parkell


: PMH202300901-202200028-N/A

Product Code

: PMH202300901


Parkell Digitest Pulp Tester Elevate Your Diagnostic Skills to the Next Level When percussion, ice, heat and radiographs are not enough, electric stimulation may be the diagnostic tool you need for determining the cause of the patient’s discomfort. That's where the Digitest® 3 comes in. Features: Single tooth testing Intuitive single button operation Multiple test settings to accommodate your personal preference Self-calibrating for quick easy setup Ergonomic design Four autoclavable probes (included) promote easy access to all tooth surfaces Standard 9V battery enables simple in-office replacement